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Be Informed in Real-Time or Faster

Track your vaccine storage conditions in real-time and get alerts before loss or damage occurs.

Real Time Monitoring

Our secure automated system monitors the conditions at each location with web, app, and kiosk views.

Real Time Alerting

Receive text messages or email alerts with critical information when (or even before) an issue occurs.

Real Time Awareness

Intelligent sensors provide a real-time view and searchable historical data generated on each piece of equipment

Scheduled and On-Demand Reports

Receive standardized and customized reports on schedule and on demand

Vaccine Fridge Temperature tracking


Custom Dashboards

With the Cryolert system by Onformant, you can have confidence in the condition of each vaccine dose in your care.  Whether it’s the temperature of each freezer, device and room access logs, or other metrics of your choice, we have simple dashboards for display at your location, on your computer, and from your phone.

Multiple levels of access

Provide the dashboard and alerting appropriate to each location and job function.  Choose from full system-wide view, regional views, local views, and even views specific to a job function.

image of covid-19 vaccine being taken out of refridgerator

” We have hundreds of buildings and many millions of square feet under management, so flexibility and ease of install are critical to any modern technologies. The solution works perfectly across the wide variety of buildings in our portfolio, and it was easier to install than I could have imagined. Their staff has been quick to adapt to project requirements and are always on the forefront of emerging IoT technology in this space and their product has given our staff and students peace of mind going back to school amidst difficult times. “

Paul - Facility Automation Architect

System Monitoring 

With Cryolert, you can monitor the entire system for vaccine storage and delivery. 

Refrigerators & Freezers.

Primary and backup refridgerator
Primary & backup freezer
Ultra-cold Freezer

Get alerts when the doors are left open, when the temperator is trending in the wrong direction, and when it’s too late and disposal is the only option.


Medication Room

Have complete visibiilty to each time the medication room is accessed, and the current conditions there.

Vaccine Storage Facility

HVAC system

Know the current condition of the HVAC system, and receive alerts when failures are imminent.


Have visibility to the maintenance status of the backup generator, current fuel levels, and even when the required testing had issues.

What We Offer 

Peace of mind-Security….Cost savings in product saved and energy savings.


Real-time monitoring of critical systems


Thresholds can be set to alert so action can be taken before critical thresholds are exceeded


Alerting function can send notifications via SMS, email, and through the app.


Alerts can be sent to multiple people at different levels of access.

data logger

Data logger stores temperatures long-term


Reporting function allows you to run custom searches on data.

Easy installation

no need for power or wired network cabling.  All sensors are battery operated, with most having 8-10 year battery life, and alerting when the battery is low.

easy setup

All sensors communicate wirelessly with our hub.  You can add a temperature sensor, door sensor, or light sensor in a matter of moments.


Automated compliance with full auditable records.


Sensor Choice

We have a variety of tools to give you the data you need.  Our system integrates with over 500 different sensors.

Temperature Monitoring

Whether it’s the ultracold freezer, a regular freezer, or refridgerator, you can set appropriate running temperatures for each environment.

Access monitoring

View each time the door to the medication room is opened, or even get alerts when it’s outside of normal business hours.

NIST Certified Temperature Sensors

Have confidence that the readings are accurate for compliance and peace of mind.

Plug and Play via Cellular Connection

Avoid many security risks by completely separating the sensor data from the local network.

Automatic Reporting

Receive standardized and custom reports on your schedule – weekly, monthly, or as needed.


Our Approach to Security

Our platform is secured and encrypted.  For additional security, our sensors can run on a completely separate cellular access network which can be provided by Onformant.  Our sensors are non-invasive so they do not affect the operation of the equipment.  

Onformant Dashboard